December 17, 2018 Perry Brennan

Is a website necessary to operate RepoMan?

No, you don’t need a web site but you will need a web-based login page for both the database administrator and your clients and agents to be able to log into the system. We provide a personalised corporate style login page with every system we supply. If you already have your own hosted domain* we can easily incorporate the login page into any web design style. In this case, there is no additional set-up cost involved whatsoever.

If you don’t already have your own domain name or web site, we can easily arrange that for you too. Many people are surprised at just how inexpensive it is to own and maintain your own web site. We can provide you with just your personalised login page or an entire corporate web site if you like. Speak to us about your personal requirements and we would be pleased to provide you with a very competitive quote.

Alternatively, we can allow for secure access via one of our own hosted domains at a minimal monthly or yearly expense. If you are unsure of what’s required, please give us a call on 02 8207 8966 or 02 6687 6060 to discuss the possibilities.

*please note: Linux web hosting with PHP and MySQL enabled is required to operate RepoMan.


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