RepoMan – Technical Info & System Requirements

RepoMan is slightly different to your average “out of the box” software application in that the program is loaded onto a external web-server where your data is stored, managed and accessed, rather than loading the program onto a local PC or LAN. You’ve heard of “Cloud” computing?  Well, in a nut-shell, RepoMan uses the same concept.  This process allows for secure remote access by authorised users via the internet, without the administrator requiring his own in-house web server.

RepoMan is designed and built using PHP & MySQL technology, an industry standard for dynamically driven internet enabled database applications. PHP & MySQL applications are renowned for their speed, safety and reliability. Upgrades are generally easily integrated and secure, reliable Linux web-servers where the application can be hosted are plentiful. As a general rule, RepoMan’s built in Username and Password encryption will be more than sufficient security, however it is highly recommended that ALL internet traffic is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, something we can easily handle for you during the installation.

You will require a domain name and suitable web hosting in order to install RepoMan. The ONLY ongoing cost of running a RepoMan Repossession Management System is domain registration and web hosting – the same that applies to any web site. The good news; fierce competition in the Australian IT market nowadays means that both domain registration are web hosting are surprisingly inexpensive and you could reasonably expect to pay around $25 AUD for your 2 x years Domain Registration and around $300 per year for quality, Australian based professional web hosting.  Depending on any SSL (encryption) Certificate installed, annual cost will range from the widely available free version to a max of around $300 per year for premium Extended Validation.

System Requirements

One of RepoMan’s many cost saving features is the minimal computer hardware required to gain immediate access to the system. NO expensive serversNO complex network system and NO additional software required. RepoMan’s minimal requirements are:

  • ANY internet enabled PC
  • An internet connection (NBN, cable or hi-speed mobile recommended)
  • ANY Internet browser (RepoMan is optimised to perform equally well in all browsers)

That’s it! You are ready to start saving time and money and keep you clients happy. What are you waiting for?  Contact us now for more information and a demo login.


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