RepoMan – features at a glance



  • Encrypted Username & Password authentication for each individual User
  • Manage Users access, permissions and views via “Group” or “Individual” assignment
  • Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) secure server install available
  • Control user access via IP address or IP range
  • Monitor, Log & Ban Users or IP addresses or IP range


  • Direct Internet data access for Administrators, Agents & Clients
  • Agents & Clients have direct access to view/update information in “real-time”
  • Authenticated users can access the system via any internet enabled device
  • 24 hour/7 day per week access from anywhere with internet access
  • Restrict users to limited views and data based on administrators criteria


  • Detailed data fields provided for every aspect of any repossession job
  • Unlimited space provided for Agents & Clients to store updates/reports
  • View full details on any job with one mouse click
  • Comprehensive search and filter/sort functions provided
  • Produce/save a variety of filtered lists and CSV spreadsheets (for Excel, etc)

Ease of Use

  • Limited or no training required to master the system
  • “Help” page provided in each view
  • User friendly lists and “tabbed” format of data detail
  • Windows style interface for extra ease of user
  • Clear, concise and visually appealing layout
  • Optimised for all Internet Browsers


  • Agent & Client updates/comments automatically emailed to administrator
  • Reports/Updates stored for Administrator to view/print at any time
  • Agents & Clients can print their own Authority/Reports
  • Integrate with SMS technology for remote update access


  • “Job List”, table views, forms and reports designed to users specifications
  • Data fields and types are able to be added or removed to suit your purpose
  • Provision for Company logo, change of colour schemes, individual styling etc. to suit


We love to hear from you at RepoMan. Please feel
free to call or email with any questions you may have..