The ultimate commercial agency management solution…


RepoMan is your simple business solution!

Your agency is expanding and you’re taking on more clients. You’re now employing or sub-contracting to a number of agents in your region or throughout the country. The jobs are starting to pile up, there is a backlog of outstanding reports and invoices and your client’s demands for regular updates are relentless.

You need to streamline your business workflow, your time management systems and increase productivity. Perhaps you’re just starting out in business and you need that leverage to get in with the bigger end of town.  What do you do?

RepoMan to the rescue.

RepoMan will streamline the vital flow of information from agent to client and visa-versa. It will free valuable agent time which would otherwise be consumed in the usual agent “paper trail”. It will allow clients and agents “real-time” internet access to centralised updates, reporting, reminders and data entry. It will reduce the time and cost of producing updates and reports and most importantly, it will also keep your clients happy, freeing valuable finance company collection department time by eliminating the need for repetitive email generation and phone calls.

More time + increased productivity = more $$$’s

Agents make money by repossessing vehicles, not messing about with complicated computer systems. If something helps reduce the workload, improve accuracy, increase productivity, save time and keep the Client happy – keep it. If not, get rid of it. Short and simple – Time is Money. RepoMan will save you time and increase productivity.

Your own personal RepoMan

RepoMan is different to your usual “off the shelf” software application in that files are installed on a web server, rather than on your local machine. For this reason, we are able to “personalise” each application that we load to suit the individual agency. A variety of colour schemes are available, logos and advertising are able to be added, “Job List” and other views can be customised to suit personal requirements, additional data fields can be added or removed, client and agent views reconfigured to suit… Your own personal RepoMan!

What are you waiting for?

With NO additional expensive computer hardware and NO additional software required to operate the system, RepoMan is also a cost effective solution to your problems. Your clients will love it, your agents will love it, your office staff will love it – you will love it. Why not contact us to arrange for an obligation free evaluation of the many benefits RepoMan has to offer your business.


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