Frequently asked questions about RepoMan

Hopefully the answers below might prove helpful in your decision as to whether or not RepoMan is right for you and your business. Click on the question to reveal the answer.

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RepoMan is slightly different to the usual software application that you would buy for your business in that it is totally internet based and operates off a web server, rather than from the hard drive of your local PC, Mac or internal server.

With the program being located on a web server, your personal hardware and software requirements to run RepoMan are extremely minimal. In fact, all that is required is (1) an internet enabled computer, (2) an internet connection (broadband, cable or high-speed mobile recommended) and (3) ANY web browser (feel free to select from any of the free web browsers available for download).

That’s it. NO additional expensive servers or networks to purchase and maintain. NO additional software required either. NO ongoing server or program licencing necessary.  And even better still, your clients and agents require only the same minimal requirements to connect to RepoMan!

No, you don’t need a web site but you will need a web-based login page for both the database administrator and your clients and agents to be able to log into the system. We provide a personalised corporate style login page with every system we supply. If you already have your own hosted domain* we can easily incorporate the login page into any web design style. In this case, there is no additional set-up cost involved whatsoever.

If you don’t already have your own domain name or web site, we can easily arrange that for you too. Many people are surprised at just how inexpensive it is to own and maintain your own web site. We can provide you with just your personalised login page or an entire corporate web site if you like. Speak to us about your personal requirements and we would be pleased to provide you with a very competitive quote.

Alternatively, we can allow for secure access via one of our own hosted domains at a minimal monthly or yearly expense. If you are unsure of what’s required, please give us a call on 02 8207 8966 or 02 6687 6060 to discuss the possibilities.

*please note: Linux web hosting with PHP and MySQL enabled is required to operate RepoMan.

RepoMan comes with a comprehensive Login Control Panel where the administrator is able to add, edit or delete users.

Each user is assigned to their own particular “group” when initially set up, meaning that when they log-in, they are strictly limited to view only those jobs or particulars that you want them to see or that are relevant to that user. Of course, one client cannot see another client’s jobs and no sub-agent can see any any other sub-agent’s jobs.

RepoMan offers the flexibility for the administrator to decide exactly what he wants his client and agent to have access to and what they can update and edit. For instance; if desired, your sub-agents can be permitted to see “real-time” updates provided by your clients, eliminating the need for the administrator to provide that update to the agent. You can also limit such access. The choice is yours. Your personal requirements will be discussed at the time of initial installation. You also have the ability to change those preferences at any time after installation.

Being web based does not mean that your data, and just as importantly your client’s data, is not secure. All user access to RepoMan is strictly controlled by 256bit encrypted and authenticated user name and password login. If desired, RepoMan can be setup to only allow those IP addresses or IP address ranges that the administrator chooses to allow access, thereby limiting access to only specific computers or computers within a particular IP address range (generally applied for specific client or agent access). The administrator is able to ban IP addresses or deny access to particular users via the Login Control Panel.

RepoMan also has a built in User Log, allowing the administrator to easily view exactly which users have logged in, when and from what IP address, allowing for greater control and scrutiny of access patterns.

Our software has been professionally penetration tested multiple times by data security auditors and has passed on every occasion.  This is generally an annual test conducted on our software application.

Whilst it is not a pre-requisite, we would always recommend RepoMan is setup utilising Secure Socket Layer protocol (or SSL) providing the highest standard of security currently available on the internet. This technology is currently used by banks and the like to access internet banking, credit card transactions, etc.  In Australia, SSL Certificates are provided by a limited number of suppliers and the subscription prices vary dramatically. Depending on your chosen web hosting, it is now possible to obtain FREE SSL certificates.  If required, we would be pleased to run through your options in this regard.

As an additional layer of security (although not necessarily required), we are also able to install and configure a third party WAF (Web Application Firewall).  This WAF will not only provide you additional peace of mind but also keep your client’s happy when security audit time comes around.

Unlike several other applications of this type that exist, RepoMan offers Unlimited user access as standard. No additional licences or expense involved for additional Users!  As long as a user has an established login account, set up by the Login Administrator, they will be able to access the system.

Individual clients are assigned to their own particular login “group”. Within that group, each individual user is assigned their own particular username and password. For instance, Peter Smith & Wendy Jones are both employed by your client, ABC Finance. Both Peter and Wendy will belong to the user “group” of ABC Finance but both will have their own individual username and password. As more collection officers are employed by ABC Finance, they will be added as individual users to the ABC Finance group, but with their own unique username and password. The amount of users and groups that can be added is limitless.

Similarly, your agents and sub-agents are added as users in the same method as your clients. Even your individual office staff will be provided with their own unique login credentials. Using the systems User Logs, you will be able to easily see which particular user has logged in and exactly when and from what IP address.

RepoMan is a delightfully simple program to operate. The format was designed with ease of use in mind, without compromising on features and functionality.

Most people with even limited use of computers will find RepoMan very straight forward and easy to use. The main “Job Detail” view has virtually all commands built into the one panel resulting in far easier navigation and simplified user control. Pop-up reports and forms are used whenever possible, eliminating the need to navigate from one screen to another. Simply print straight from the pop-up window, close that window and you are back at the main Job Detail view.

A built in Help file should answer any questions that the user may have. Basically, very little training will be required to become competent and the entire system is practically fool-proof.

RepoMan is without doubt the most economical and feature packed application of its type available in Australia. You will most likely be pleasantly surprised with the comparative cost to other inferior systems on offer that also require infinitely greater installation/infrastructure cost, ongoing maintenance, initial setup costs, ongoing licence fees and even additional cost per User.  RepoMan requires one payment for unlimited User access and no additional hardware/software outlay.

As you’ve probably worked out by now, RepoMan is not your average program, being fully customisable to suit individual purchasers The overall cost of installing RepoMan ultimately depends on any options selected for use. We offer a base model RepoMan system at a set price and with every function required to professionally manage a repossession agency of any size and job volume. Whilst not necessary, some administrators may prefer to change the basic configuration to suit their personal requirements. Some elements are easily changed without cost to the user. Other functions may require additional time and setup cost and any modifications from the norm are charged at an hourly rate – quoted in advance.

To discuss basic prices and options, hosting packages and any additional set-up costs, we invite you to call either Perry or Ian on 02 8207 8966 or02 6687 6060.

Simply put – No, there are no obligated ongoing costs associated with your RepoMan installation. You buy it – you own it.  Like most software applications, we occasionally release some feature upgrades or enhancements.  Upgrades will vary in price depending on the amount of coding required to implement.  Some upgrades are simple and we will supply them free of charge.  Others are more complex and require time to implement.  You have the choice to purchase upgrades or not and when and what you want.  There is no obligation to purchase any upgrades if you choose not to – and your RepoMan will continue to run perfectly, as is.  In the extremely rare event that a security patch may be required (say for instance; an otherwise unknown web vulnerability is discovered), we will upgrade your RepoMan free of charge.

NOTE: As with any application that requires web access, you will be required to renew (a) your domain name and (b) your web hosting.  These are not costs directly associated to RepoMan but are necessary for you to access the RepoMan files hosted on the web server.  Domain names can cost as little as $10 per year to renew (generally bi-annual for domains) and suitable Australian based business grade web hosting can easily be sourced for under $200 per year.  We will discuss and assist you with all of the options prior to installation.

You may (very highly recommended) also opt for SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or https access to your RepoMan application.  SSL is an additional layer of security encryption, as you would normally see with online banking or most e-commerce payment gateways. Whilst your Repoman application is perfectly secure without SSL encryption, it does provide one additional level of security that will bring you into line with standards used by most financial institutions.  Cost of an SSL security certificate can vary dramatcally, depending on the nature of the certificate and from whom it is purchased.  Whilst we may be able to source you a FREE SSL certificate (depending on your chosen web hosting), you could reasonably expect to pay around $100 to $200 per year for a quality SSL Certificate issued by a recognised company such as GeoTrust, VeriSign or Thawte.  Again, we will assist you in the options available to you should you decide SSL is for you.


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