RepoMan - Mercantile Management System

The complete web-based Commercial Agency Management System for all Australian agents

RepoMan is an internet enabled data management system, that has been specifically designed for use by Australian Repossession and Commercial Agencies. Created to fulfil a demand made by clients and to streamline the updating and reporting process from agent to client and visa-versa; significant design input was sought from not only field agents but agency office staff, management and finance companies alike.

The result is a comprehensive job management suite providing ease of use, sophisticated capabilities and a cost effective solution for Commercial Agencies requiring online access and the ability to quickly monitor and automate the management of jobs.

Some system features at a glance:RepoMan - Repossession Management System

  • Secure encrypted Username and Password authentication allows remote web access for Administrators, Clients & Agents
  • Sophisticated & Intuitive User Interface - so easy to use with little or no training required
  • Internet based; allowing agent & client access from any internet enabled PC
  • Comprehensive database management and reporting tools
  • Automated "real-time" updating and reporting on jobs for both agents and clients
  • A cost effective and time saving solution for all Australian Commercial Agents

You can check out some more of RepoMan's many features here or have a browse through some screenshots here. And if you're still not convinced, why not contact us to arrange for a demo test run.

Check out the screenshots..

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So what's so special about RepoMan?

What makes RepoMan different from the others?  Over recent years, IT applications have undergone significant changes. Many of these changes are a direct result of the internet. Some applications may not benefit from internet access for the sharing of data. The area of company accounting records comes to mind. Applications like RepoMan however are different. They are a breed of application that can, if done properly and securely, actually make great use of the data sharing ability of the Internet.

RepoMan was designed from the ground up to allow for multi-party access and for secure remote data sharing via the internet. One of the primary differences between RepoMan and anything even remotely similar on the market is that we are a Web hosted application - rather than software loaded onto a local PC or local server.

Secure Access

Secure 256 bit encrypted username/password, Admin, Client & Agent login. UNLIMITED Users. Limit access via IP address/range. Monitor, Log & Ban Users or IP addresses or IP range


Keep control of jobs with automated updating & reminders. Receive "real-time" client/agent updates. View, Print, Report or Update anytime/anywhere for Admins, Clients & Agents.

Ease of Use

Comprehensive, elegant and intuitive User Interface that requires minimal instruction to master. "One-click" functionality saves time, money and resources, increasing productivity

The ultimate commercial agency management solution...

Purpose designed from the ground up to allow for secure, fast multi-party web access and data sharing, RepoMan will transform your business to maximise productivity and minimise wasted time and resources

Looking to grow or streamline your business activities? RepoMan is your simple solution!

Your repossession business has expanded and you're taking on more clients. You're now employing or sub-contracting to a number of agents in your region or throughout the country. The jobs are starting to pile up, there is a backlog of outstanding reports and invoices and your client's demands for regular updates are relentless. You need to streamline your business and time management systems in order to increase productivity.
What do you do?

Find out here..

RepoMan - Repossession Management System

What our customers say about RepoMan

RepoMan is not only popular with Commercial Agency Administrators but it is equally appreciated by office staff, agents, sub-agents and clients alike.  With comprehensive reporting, automation and ease of use being forefront in mind during the development process, RepoMan is your total business solution.

"Saves us hours when it comes to reporting to clients. So easy to operate and our clients love it. A real time and energy saver. Our business would be lost without it."
John Maroun - Australian Repossession Services
"Simple to use and covers everything we need. Great layout, straight-forward intuitive interface and most functions require just one click. A great business tool"
Jason Storey - Storey Mercantile Services
"We requested several custom adjustments to suit our business model and all works incredibly well.  An integral part of our business."
Gavin Scott - Scott's Investigation Services

Fast, User Friendly,
and available 24/7

Being a purely internet based application, your RepoMan installation is available for connection 24 hours per day & 7 days a week! Accessible from desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, RepoMan provides the mobility and flexibility that is so restrictive with ordinary desktop applications.

RepoMan - Available 24 hours per day/7 days per week RepoMan - available 24/7

Contact us NOW for a demo run of RepoManA real-time demonstration to experience all of the RepoMan features for yourself