December 17, 2018 Perry Brennan

What control do I have over Users with Repoman?

RepoMan comes with a comprehensive Login Control Panel where the administrator is able to add, edit or delete users.

Each user is assigned to their own particular “group” when initially set up, meaning that when they log-in, they are strictly limited to view only those jobs or particulars that you want them to see or that are relevant to that user. Of course, one client cannot see another client’s jobs and no sub-agent can see any any other sub-agent’s jobs.

RepoMan offers the flexibility for the administrator to decide exactly what he wants his client and agent to have access to and what they can update and edit. For instance; if desired, your sub-agents can be permitted to see “real-time” updates provided by your clients, eliminating the need for the administrator to provide that update to the agent. You can also limit such access. The choice is yours. Your personal requirements will be discussed at the time of initial installation. You also have the ability to change those preferences at any time after installation.


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