December 17, 2018 Perry Brennan

What software and hardware is necessary to run RepoMan?

RepoMan is slightly different to the usual software application that you would buy for your business in that it is totally internet based and operates off a web server, rather than from the hard drive of your local PC, Mac or internal server.

With the program being located on a web server, your personal hardware and software requirements to run RepoMan are extremely minimal. In fact, all that is required is (1) an internet enabled computer, (2) an internet connection (broadband, cable or high-speed mobile recommended) and (3) ANY web browser (feel free to select from any of the free web browsers available for download).

That’s it. NO additional expensive servers or networks to purchase and maintain. NO additional software required either. NO ongoing server or program licencing necessary.  And even better still, your clients and agents require only the same minimal requirements to connect to RepoMan!


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