December 17, 2018 Perry Brennan

How much does RepoMan cost?

RepoMan is without doubt the most economical and feature packed application of its type available in Australia. You will most likely be pleasantly surprised with the comparative cost to other inferior systems on offer that also require infinitely greater installation/infrastructure cost, ongoing maintenance, initial setup costs, ongoing licence fees and even additional cost per User.  RepoMan requires one payment for unlimited User access and no additional hardware/software outlay.

As you’ve probably worked out by now, RepoMan is not your average program, being fully customisable to suit individual purchasers The overall cost of installing RepoMan ultimately depends on any options selected for use. We offer a base model RepoMan system at a set price and with every function required to professionally manage a repossession agency of any size and job volume. Whilst not necessary, some administrators may prefer to change the basic configuration to suit their personal requirements. Some elements are easily changed without cost to the user. Other functions may require additional time and setup cost and any modifications from the norm are charged at an hourly rate – quoted in advance.

To discuss basic prices and options, hosting packages and any additional set-up costs, we invite you to call either Perry or Ian on 02 8207 8966 or02 6687 6060.


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