December 17, 2018 Perry Brennan

How secure is RepoMan?

Being web based does not mean that your data, and just as importantly your client’s data, is not secure. All user access to RepoMan is strictly controlled by 256bit encrypted and authenticated user name and password login. If desired, RepoMan can be setup to only allow those IP addresses or IP address ranges that the administrator chooses to allow access, thereby limiting access to only specific computers or computers within a particular IP address range (generally applied for specific client or agent access). The administrator is able to ban IP addresses or deny access to particular users via the Login Control Panel.

RepoMan also has a built in User Log, allowing the administrator to easily view exactly which users have logged in, when and from what IP address, allowing for greater control and scrutiny of access patterns.

Our software has been professionally penetration tested multiple times by data security auditors and has passed on every occasion.  This is generally an annual test conducted on our software application.

Whilst it is not a pre-requisite, we would always recommend RepoMan is setup utilising Secure Socket Layer protocol (or SSL) providing the highest standard of security currently available on the internet. This technology is currently used by banks and the like to access internet banking, credit card transactions, etc.  In Australia, SSL Certificates are provided by a limited number of suppliers and the subscription prices vary dramatically. Depending on your chosen web hosting, it is now possible to obtain FREE SSL certificates.  If required, we would be pleased to run through your options in this regard.

As an additional layer of security (although not necessarily required), we are also able to install and configure a third party WAF (Web Application Firewall).  This WAF will not only provide you additional peace of mind but also keep your client’s happy when security audit time comes around.


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