December 17, 2018 Perry Brennan

How many Users can I allow to access RepoMan?

Unlike several other applications of this type that exist, RepoMan offers Unlimited user access as standard. No additional licences or expense involved for additional Users!  As long as a user has an established login account, set up by the Login Administrator, they will be able to access the system.

Individual clients are assigned to their own particular login “group”. Within that group, each individual user is assigned their own particular username and password. For instance, Peter Smith & Wendy Jones are both employed by your client, ABC Finance. Both Peter and Wendy will belong to the user “group” of ABC Finance but both will have their own individual username and password. As more collection officers are employed by ABC Finance, they will be added as individual users to the ABC Finance group, but with their own unique username and password. The amount of users and groups that can be added is limitless.

Similarly, your agents and sub-agents are added as users in the same method as your clients. Even your individual office staff will be provided with their own unique login credentials. Using the systems User Logs, you will be able to easily see which particular user has logged in and exactly when and from what IP address.


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