RepoMan - features at a glance

Repoman = SecuritySecurity

  • Encrypted Username & Password authentication for each individual User
  • Manage Users access, permissions and views via "Group" or "Individual" assignment
  • Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) secure server install available
  • Control user access via IP address or IP range
  • Monitor, Log & Ban Users or IP addresses or IP range


  • Direct Internet data access for Administrators, Agents & Clients
  • Agents & Clients have direct access to view/update information in "real-time"
  • Authenticated users can access the system via any internet enabled device
  • 24 hour/7 day per week access from anywhere with internet access
  • Restrict users to limited views and data based on administrators criteria

ComprehensiveRepoMan - Ease of Use

  • Detailed data fields provided for every aspect of any repossession job
  • Unlimited space provided for Agents & Clients to store updates/reports
  • View full details on any job with one mouse click
  • Comprehensive search and filter/sort functions provided
  • Produce/save a variety of filtered lists and CSV spreadsheets (for Excel, etc)

Ease of Use

  • Limited or no training required to master the system
  • "Help" page provided in each view
  • User friendly lists and "tabbed" format of data detail
  • Windows style interface for extra ease of user
  • Clear, concise and visually appealing layout
  • Optimised for all Internet Browsers

AutomatedRepoMan - Automate your Business

  • Agent & Client updates/comments automatically emailed to administrator
  • Reports/Updates stored for Administrator to view/print at any time
  • Agents & Clients can print their own Authority/Reports
  • Integrate with SMS technology for remote update access


  • "Job List", table views, forms and reports designed to users specifications
  • Data fields and types are able to be added or removed to suit your purpose
  • Provision for Company logo, change of colour schemes, individual styling etc. to suit
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