What is RepoMan

RepoMan - Repossession Management SystemRepoMan is the complete Repossession Agency Data Management System. It is the brainchild of two life-long school friends from the 60's, Perry Brennan and Ian Scotson.

Perry was himself a Licenced Commercial and Private Inquiry Agent from the late 1980's until 2011 and was the long term proprietor of a large national repossession agency until late 2005. Perry has extensive experience in the repossession industry and has also enjoyed a keen interest in computer technology over the last 20 years. Since 2005, his part time interest in web development and programming has blossomed into a full time career.

Ian commenced his career in the computer industry in 1980. Over the last 30 years, Ian has been involved in all sorts of business technology implementation in a variety of roles in small/medium and large enterprise. Ian has specialised in the areas of Business Analysis and Business Applications Development/Support.

Something was missing....

RepoMan was spawned to fill an important but obviously lacking need within the repossession industry. Sure, there are of course a few Mercantile Agency software applications currently on the market. There are even a couple of other (US manufactured) Repossession Agency software applications out there. But there was nothing available specifically designed for the total job management of an Australian repossession agency and dedicated for the benefit of ALL three parties involved: The Client, The Agent & The Sub-Agent.

And RepoMan was born....

After lengthy and detailed consultation with industry colleagues, a set of essential criteria for the application was established. Perry and Ian then combined their own vast knowledge and expertise in their respective fields and set about to create the perfect software solution. After much trial and tribulation, RepoMan was born - a cost effective, simple to use, yet extremely comprehensive and complete repossession management system.

Initially designed for Perry's own personal use in the day to day running of his own national agency, the many business benefits of the application were soon realised and after several requests for access by industry colleagues, the first commercial version of RepoMan was released in September, 2005.  Since then, the system has been further refined with several updates released based on customer feedback, feature requests and advancements in internet technology. RepoMan Version 5 was released in August, 2013, and the project continues to evolve...

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